This site was created in honor of Ron Pinkard. He played Dr. Mike Morton on the 70's show EMERGENCY! Often overlooked as a cast member in both pictures and fanfiction, I thought perhaps someone should create a little spot on the net in his honor. I feel he was a valued member of the show. Most the stuff I found in my research on Ron, was located at two sites: Legacy of EMERGENCY!:Ron Pinkard
Erika & Rozane's Unofficial EMERGENCY Page: Ron's Page

Recently, I was able to obtain two negatives from Ebay of Ron. Along with them came two small prints of which I scanned and was pleased with the results. Thanks Helen!!



Ron was born Ronald Frederick Pinkard (this middle name is vague memories of the 70's, so please don't quote me) on January 22 in Denver, Colorado. All other info can be found with the two links up above. Although, I must comment that I found him to be a fascinating guy. Was really impressed in reading that he retired from the Naval Reserves as a full commander in 1993. The character of Mike Morton fascinated me. He was strong willed, self motivated & often clashed with the paramedics. In my observation of him, I came to the conclusion he rose up from the grasp of the ghetto & struggled hard to become the best doctor he possibly could. In the 70's where racism was and still is a major issue, Mike Morton overlooked that aspect of life to give back all he could (as a doctor) to the same society which must have been hard, given the circumstances. Mike Morton was single not to mention a very good looking young man. He had his moments of flirtation with the nurses. But nothing like the junior paramedic he often clashed with.
This man needs a hug

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